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The data network of Graz University of Technology - TUGnet (IPv4 range 129.27.*.* or, DNS: * or *, ASN 1113) - is a member of the GÉANT Association (formerly DANTE and TERENA) via ACOnet and part of the worldwide Internet, an association of networks with a common protocol (Internet Protocol), which enables the exchange of data between these networks worldwide. The "World Wide Web" (short WWW or "Web", but not WEB) is (like email) only one of many services of the Internet, but some IP-based services are only available within the TUGnet ("Intranet").

The main sites of Graz University of Technology are redundantly connected via the TUGnet backbone with multiple 10 or 100 Gb fiber links, using own fiber cables of Graz University of Technology as well as leased "dark fiber" cables. Within the sites, optical fibers of TU Graz supply the floor distributors located on the floors from the central "house nodes", and from there it goes via copper lines to the network outlets.
The infrastructure is highly redundant, i. e. the main sites are connected by double links, the uplink to the ACOnet is also double and the main switches are connected to the backbone in double loops. Most of the secondary sites are connected with leased lines (Trusted VPN - MPLS).

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Starting at the end of 2014, the switches were connected to the backbone locations in a star configuration (and redundantly), and the backbone has changed from switched to routed starting in 2015 in order to minimize "error domains" (areas where problems can easily spread from one computer to another) and to prevent complete network failures.

In addition to various Internet services such as email, web servers or FTP, services within the intranet such as file servers or the software license servers are integrated into TUGnet. For more detailed information and a list and description of all managed services please follow the links below.

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