Network Access

Access at TU Graz


Access at Guesthouse

Occupants of our Guesthouse ("Leechwaldvilla") can connect authenticated to TUGnet (and Internet) using either eduroam, PPPoE client software (only members and guests with account of TU Graz) or VPN. Even for VPN you need a CAMPUSonline account at one of the universities of Graz. Please configure your computer to use DHCP.

If you don't use eduroam (WLAN):

Members or guests of KFU have to ask for their VPN configuration at ZID of KFU, members or guests of MUG can use the SSL gatway of MUG.



Remote Access to TUGnet

If you need an IP address of TU Graz (TUGnet) - maybe to connect to our software license servers - you can use either IPsec-VPN or SSH/Mosh and a RDS infrastructure.