Guesthouse at Hilmteich

In the guest house at Hilmteich ("Leechwaldvilla") it is also possible to access the TUGnet or the Internet (also via WLAN), either via eduroam, with a PPPoE client (only for residents with an account of TU Graz) or via guest WiFi.
In order to establish a network connection, the computer must be configured to DHCP.

1. Guests with eduroam Account

1.1 With an Account of TU Graz

This gives you full internet access!

1.2 With VPN Access to Your Home University

Then you can connect with VPN (Cisco VPN, Cisco Anyconnect, OpenVPN etc.) via "eduroam" to your home university. In this case the conditions of your home university will apply.

1.3 Without VPN Access to Your Home University

Then you have only limited internet access.

2. Guests Without eduroam Account

You can easily connect to the guest WiFi of TU Graz and then establish a VPN connection to your home university there, for example.