TUGRAZonline is the information and administration system of TU Graz. It offers access to a great many resources, especially to all data concerning studies and teaching.
TUGRAZonline offers for example

  • all information about curricula
  • all information about courses (content, requirements, dates of lectures, exams etc.)
  • floor plans and building plans for easy room searches

Students of TU Graz can use TUGRAZonline to take care of practically all organizational activities related to their studies (course registration, exam registration, printing transcripts, printing study sheets and study confirmations, etc.).
Course participants are notified by email - optionally even by SMS - of schedule changes and can use discussion forums and email distribution lists.

Teachers can use TUGRAZonline, for example, to manage their own courses, print lists of participants, send mails to participants, handle evaluations, manage exams (with additional authorization), etc.

For administrative staff of TU Graz, TUGRAZonline offers numerous features for the administration of courses, study plans, student data, examination data, etc.

TUGRAZonline offers a personal appointment calendar in which the dates of one's own courses are automatically entered for students and lecturers.

All members of Graz University of Technology receive a TU Graz accaunt. Students receive this account from the Student Services, staff members (i. e. employees, lecturers etc.) from the TUGRAZonline officer of their own organizational unit, also the IT officers of the OU have special rights in TUGRAZonline.

Besides TUGRAZonline, this TU Graz account is the basis for almost all other campus-wide systems, especially email, as well as remote access (VPN, PPPoE, Pluto etc.). The account data is the same, i. e. your TU Graz username and password is not only valid for TUGRAZonline, but also for your email account and other accounts.
Please note that for almost all types of network access you have to use a seperate password, the so called "network access password", which is also managed by TUGRAZonline!

Confirmed Identities / Identified Persons

For some services it is (also legally) necessary that we confirm the identity of the person by checking an official photo ID and that this person has an email account on one of the central email servers of TU Graz.
In many cases this ID check is done in the process of employment or enrollment at Graz University of Technology, if not, then it is necessary that you still identify yourself afterwards, the easiest way to do this is by logging into TUGRAZonline via mobile phone signature.

Alternatively, you have to prove your identity at ZID with an official photo ID, please make an appointment. If this is also not possible, please contact it-security@tugraz.at.