Access to our network using Wireless LAN

APs of other Organizations

If you want to use your own APs you have to report that to Network Operations Center and there are some minimum requirements:

  • Only authenticated access.
  • Access has to be protected by WPA2/PEAP or VPN.
  • SSIDs "TUGRAZguest" and "eduroam" are not allowed.

If you enable eduroam we will try to bear some of the costs!

APs of ZID

Within many areas of TU Graz it is possible to connect to our network using WLAN. If you are nearby a WLAN-AP operated by ZID your device (notebook computer, laptop, …) will automatically recognize "TUGRAZguest" and "eduroam" in most cases.

  • For "eduroam" the eduroam guidelines will apply for guests, members of TU Graz get full Internet access.
  • You can connect "TUGRAZguest" without the need of an account (username / password) but it is not possible to access pages outside of our network if you are not authenticated.
    For full Internet access you have to use VPN with an authorized account (student, employee or guest).
    For limited Internet access you have to start your browser and - if you're not redirected automatically - have open a page outside of TU Graz. Your browser will be redirected to a captive portal where you can authenticate yourself as student, employee or guest.

SSID Account Access
eduroam TU Graz full
Guest limited
TUGRAZguest VPN full
Captive Portal limited
none only TU Graz

Access our network

For access to pages within our network your device has only be connected to the WLAN of TU Graz (SSID "TUGRAZguest").


Internet Access Using a "Captive Portal"

If you hold an employee, student or guest account of TU Graz you have to connect with WLAN "TUGRAZguest" and open your web browser. When you try to connect to a web page outside of TU Graz you will see a window asking for your TUGRAZonline credentials. After your successful authentication you can have limited Internet access.


Internet Access Using VPN

By means of a VPN client you can get an IP address of TU Graz (129.27.*) and you can use almost all Internet services provided by TU Graz.


Internet Access Using 802.1X

Using a 802.1X supplicant all employees and students can connect to the network of TU Graz (SSID "eduroam") where they can use all Internet services provided by TU Graz.


Where Can I Use My TUGRAZonline Credentials?

WLAN at TU Graz will be expanded day-to-day, ZID will provide public areas first. If you need WLAN within the rooms of your organization you will have to reimburse about 50 % of the costs of hardware and installation.