Remote Network Access

Members of the TU Graz

It is also possible to access resources in TUGnet from external networks, but this requires a secured connection at the state of the art (e.g. at i least TLSv1.2 and not SSLv3).
If the access is not limited to certain authenticated users but to an IP range of the TU Graz (e.g. software license server), you have to connect to i TUGnet.

For this purpose, ZID operates both a VPN concentrator and a SSH/Mosh gateway, but also a RDS access to your Windows resources.

More information in TU4U.

VPN access to institute networks

Access into certain institute networks or to institute servers can be done via other VPN concentrators if required.
Information about this is available on request.

VPN access for external service providers

For external persons who do not have an account in TUGRAZonline, but who need e.g. maintenance access to these specially protected servers in TUGnet, it is possible to authorize a previously self-registered account accordingly upon request.