VPN: Secure Remote Access to TUGnet

Using VPN technology secures data transmissions over unsecure networks (like the Internet) by means of tunnel technology. Tunnels connect seperated networks and the device using VPN client software will become a logical part of the VPN server network (IP address from TUGnet: 129.27.*).
VPN can be used to secure WLAN access or to become part of TUGnet (for special services like FTP or software licensing), but at the moment we only support IPv4!

Within VCG (network of student halls) configuration is slightly differnt and can be found at VCG.

AnyConnect (SSL-VPN)

You can find AnyConnect clients at https://vpn.tugraz.at/ (use the network access password for authentication).
"OpenConnect" clients will work, too.


How Can I Use IPsec VPN?

You need to have a Cisco konform VPN client software installed and your device has to be able to connect to VPN end points at TU Graz (sb.):

  • native IPsec:
    IKE (UDP 500) and ESP (IP 50)
  • UDP enc:
    Ports 500, 4500 and 10000
  • TCP enc:
    only Port 10000 neaded (so use this in combination with firewalls)


Where Do I Get the IPsec VPN Client Software?

Cisco's IPsec VPN client software for Windows and Linux can be downloaded from ftp server (only within TUGnet) of TU Graz.

Apple's OSX (iMac, MacBook) and iOS devices (iPhone/iPod/iPad) have compatible client software preinstalled. Alternative client software is available for a lot of other devices an operating systems.



Host:  vpn.tugraz.at (
Group Name: default
Shared Secret: default
Username: TUGRAZonline username (only lower case letters!)
Password: Network access password


Examples (in German) for IPsec


Problems Using IPsec VPN

VPN Dial Up is Working but You Can't Receive or Send Data

Maybe your internet connection is established by HSDPA, also called WWAN. The Cisco VPN client is known not to work with HSDPA and Windows 7.
You better install the Cisco AnyConnect client instead.

Problems with License Server

Try to use the Cisco AnyConnect client, instead.



Browser-based, clientless VPN is possible, but we will have to buy licenses, so please contact us if you need it.