1. If you are a member of TU Graz (student or employee) you have to use your username followed by - attention: only lower case letters!) and your network access password, which you can set at your "business card" in TUGRAZonline - in the case of problems contact the service team of TUGRAZonline.
  2. Members of TU Graz have full Internet access.
  3. Guests with eduroam account can use only the following protocols (ports):
    Protocol Port
    VPN Standard IPSec UDP 500 (IKE)
    OpenVPN 2.0 UDP 1194
    IPSec NAT - Traversal UDP 4500
    Cisco IPSec TCP 10000
    PPTP TCP 1723
    Email Outgoing (SMTP) TCP 465/587
    Incoming (POP, IMAP) TCP 110/143/993/995
    Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP) TCP 443
    FTP (passive) TCP 21
    SSH TCP 22
    HTTP TCP 80/443/3128/8080
    NNTP TCP 119
  4. 802.1X (WPA2 Enterprise, SSID eduroam) can be used in parallel to web redirect.